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Opinions Based On Facts!

New Site!! As opinions go, some we agree with and others we don't.

Opinions posted here are intended to tell it like it is in the most courteous manner but without pampering the truth! These opinions may cover various topics but mostly involve left leaning political topics; or at least, those disagreeing may see it that way....

Feel free to bookmark this site to keep up with new posts, checking back regularly to see catch the additions, and following Kitty@RipItToShreds on Twitter.

Articles posted herein may seem a bit harsh, farfetched, or even off base at times, however the author's intention is to keep it at 100 although in doing so will strive to practice politeness.

Feel free to leave remarks in the Rip It! Forum to the right of this page. There, you can state your opinions about the author's opinions.

At times, questions arise such as:

    Did I ask your opinion about my opinion?

    My opinion’s based on facts. What’s yours based on––curse words??

Also, I may only agree with the right when it coordinates with the left but offer no guarantees.

Feel free to leave remarks in the Rip It! Forum to the right of this page where you can state your opinions about the author's opinions and whatever else you care to say {write}.

This site is just getting started and happily welcomes you!

Testy Topics for Upcoming Opinions

Quebec Massacre!

Botched Yemen Raid!

Banning Religious Groups!

Voting Rights / Suppression!

Rock The Vote!!

So-Called President *45

The Republican Administration

Beating Back Racism!

Conquering Sexism!!

Planet Protection!!

Equal Rights For ALL!!

Public Education!

Health Care!

You Monitor Your Body & I'll Monitor Mine!!

Deport Melania Trump??

Republicans own *45 the #SoCalledPresident!

Impeaching *45 & Entire Republican Administration

Ousting Unreliable Republican Congress!!

Do Democrats Need Primarying?

Eliminating UnDemocratic Caucuses!!

Maintaining Super Delegates!! NO POLAR TRUMP!!!

Media needs to STOP excusing Trump’s failures in ways that excuse his incompetence!!

!! E X T R A S !!



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